Our Story

My name is Emily Tomkies, and I always wished I could be creative and make beautiful art. However because I can't draw and don't have traditional art skills, I never considered myself very good. Instead, I am a science-brain, and always envied those I knew who were artistic.

I started Acrylic Pouring in mid-2020, shortly after my daughter Lillian was born and as a new hobby while Covid was causing lockdowns. So, I haven't been doing pouring for very long - only about a year! - however, I found myself loving how much beauty I could create without having any of those 'skills' of art.

Acrylic Pouring is all about ingredients, paint mixes, and understanding how the different fluids react with each other. So, my scientific brain was able to grasp these concepts much more easily than traditional art, and I fell in love with the beautiful shapes and colours. 

Because of my science-brain, I see colours and distinct shapes in my work, but I don't tend to notice subtle images or perspectives. So, as I grow my audience and practise my skills, I ask people "What do you see?". People give me so many different perspectives; plants and animals, rivers and rocks, Earth and space. From the smallest details and little pieces to a full image. I absolutely love hearing the different perspectives and seeing the new things in my work; it allows me to see my pieces in entirely different ways, and enables me to appreciate how every person's walk of life allows them to see something that someone else may not.

I'm still new to this; painting, creating, and motherhood! Lilly is a toddler now and I don't know where the time has gone! Hubby works a 9-5 and I'm at home with Lilly, who likes to get involved, so I have to pick and choose my times to paint. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Pouring is such a relaxing outlet for me, with such beauty and mystery. I enjoy it so much and I hope that you enjoy my art too!

- Emily