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A Field Of Green and Red

A Field Of Green and Red

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An original fluid art acrylic piece. 30*60cm, 1cm slim edge, ready to hang. 

Background for this special series:

My Father in Law is a retired Airman and he commissioned an original piece from me - he wanted a field of Poppies, in my style, to donate for fund raising to the Legacy Foundation in rural NSW, in which he and my Mother in Law are active.

He was so thrilled with the piece I made him that he insisted I make a couple more to sell in our Defence community here in Townsville. So, I painted these three pieces to share with the Townsville community. 

25% of all sale proceeds will be donated to Northern Queensland Legacy, who helps support the families of those who gave their lives or health in defence of our country. 

Each piece is a hand poured and painted original canvas, signed and ready to hang, and finished with a glossy protective varnish.

My commissions are also open to anyone wishing to have their own poppy piece painted in a certain style or size, of which 25% will also be donated to Northern Queensland Legacy.





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